Boxing Day and Worcester

I've been enjoying my vacation in England immensely and am always surprised by how time flies.  We went to London a few days ago, but before that we celebrated Boxing Day.  Basically it was an extension of Christmas for me, as I opened up nice presents from Greg's parents and grandparents.

A day after Christmas(a.k.a. Boxing Day), we drove to Greg's parents house near Worcester for a huge buffet and dessert extravaganza.
When we got to their house we found a big spread in the conservatory.
After we ate, we got straight to business...opening presents!  We passed them around to each person and one-by-one opened them.
I was very surprised to have received so many!  Aunts and uncles who weren't even there, sent me gifts :)  Greg's grandparents wanted to welcome me to their family and gave me a beautiful bracelet watch.  I was shocked and appreciative.  Here I model my new watch, which is from a historic British watchmaker.
I think Greg was helping his Granddad with something.  Haha.  Greg's "gran" had a ball playing with the dog.
After a successful gift exchange, I walked into the Conservatory to witness an amazing display of desserts.  From deluxe Florentines(as I call them), Christmas cake, Chocolate Yule log, mince pies, cinnamon biscuits,  to meringue nests with fruit, everything was represented.  It was like a dinner...for sweets!!
We started with Meringue nests.  At this point, I nearly passed out from the sugar rush.
Then we opened Christmas crackers.  Here I model my paper crown.  After eating more desserts than you could possibly imagine, we headed to Downtown Worcester where we had booked a hotel.  We decided to stay in town than to drive an hour home on a holiday.  I'd never been to Downtown Worcester, so I looked forward to it :)
In the morning, we awoke to this lovely view.
Then we walked around the city centre and down Friar St, which has amazing old Tudor buildings.
After spotting a Cafe Rouge(one of our fav restaurants), we strolled in for breakfast.  Actually, our first "date" so-to-speak, was spent in a Cafe Rouge in London, so I have a soft spot for these restaurants :)  They are also super cute and the food is tasty.
I ordered their "Complet" breakfast, which reminded me of the breakfast at Les Deux Moulins in Paris :)
Greg ordered the Eggs Benedict and was very satisfied.
After breakfast, we hit the main city centre and discovered everyone was doing some serious shopping.
I purchased shampoo and cute socks from Topshop before heading to the Cathedral.  We walked by an impressive building along the way.  These gates are just like the ones at Buckingham Palace, albeit smaller.  Hehe.
We spot Worcester Cathedral.
We walked to the river first before entering.  There were dozens of swans floating by.
The inside of the Cathedral.  I was impressed by its grandeur...
...and beautiful stained-glass windows.
The ceilings were gorgeous.  After touring the Cathedral, we drove to Greg's parents house for a spot of tea before the journey home.
That's when Greg's mom brought down the family album.  Yes, Greg is wearing a fur vest!  How amazing and funny is that?  Haha.  He looks so darn cute.  After admiring Greg's cuteness, we headed home.

I had a lovely time exploring Worcester, Greg's hometown.  I don't think he realizes how nice and historic it is.  I guess when you spend your life in a town, it loses its special-ness?  I thought it was charming and consider it one of my favorite towns in England :)


  1. Wow what awesome pictures! You're so lucky to see all those old buildings. I love old churches. That "complete" breakfast looks exactly like Le Deux Moulins! Yummy.

    It's so nice that you got all of those presents and that watch looks very nice. Don't even get me started on the dessert table. Who made the yule log? x

  2. Yes, old buildings will never cease to amaze me. I think we are architecturally starved in L.A. Haha.

    The breakfast was delicious. I was excited to photograph the restaurant properly, since I've been to a few locations already. You'd love it.

    I was surprised to receive all those gifts. I'm not sure if I deserved them, but I gladly accepted them. When I got the watch I nearly cried. It was a lovely gesture.

    The yule log was store-bought :-o Greg's mom can't make everything :P Haha. The Christmas cake was too. But she made the most delicious cookies. I still talk about them. I was so scared when I first saw the spread. Like, I'm supposed to eat all of that? Haha. I had some treats :)