London, Day Two..

After eating in the hotel's cute breakfast room, we said good-bye to our new favorite hotel and took a left down the street towards Russell Square.
We loved the area we stayed in, because it was very close to the tube and was in a nice and quiet part of town.
Through the trees is a charming old hotel that we walked past many times.
We walked towards the tube.  I looked up at the nice buildings along the way.
After a short subway ride, we arrived in Chelsea.  We came to visit the Saatchi Gallery!  I didn't know what to expect, but modern art of some kind.  That can be a good thing or a bad thing sometimes.  Haha.
Greg enjoyed these black globes.
I enjoyed the rabbit holding the "Non" sign.  Haha.
Thinking we'd seen everything, we realized we hadn't been to the basement.  A huge crowd of people blocked the entrance.  I didn't know what the fuss was all about.  It's just a stark room, right?  Little by little I noticed a strange smell in the room--oil!  The floor is oil, a few feet deep.
This is my reflection from the landing.  It's really eerie being in a room that is full of so much oil.
And then it was on to our next destination.  We jumped on the tube once again.
And went to the London Eye!
Tourist pic #149
At the edge of the bank you can admire the view of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.
We didn't get on the London Eye(only feet away) as we had planned, due to the longest lines in the universe.  Today was a bank holiday.  Boo.  So we did what we do best, headed for dessert! :)
The day before we came here, but it was closed.  We were determined to visit The Parlour, which is a cafe in Fortnum and Masons department store.  I had seen the amazing menu online and drooled at the sight of the interior.
Greg was excited.  His favorite meal is dessert.  Haha.
He ordered Apple Strudel with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
We both ordered tea and used the fanciest teapot I'd ever seen.
This may have been my desserts :]  I didn't realize my latte would be accompanied by the world's cutest ice cream cone.  I think all coffee should be served this way.  Haha.  In case you are wondering, I also had black forest cake :)
Happiness on my face as you can see.
Inside The Parlour.  The interior decor is very dessert-like.
After dessert, we visited each floor via the spiral staircase.
Tea-making supplies in abundance for thirsty English people.
On the top floor were the most gorgeous perfumes I'd ever seen.  The bottles were delicate and very unique and unusual.  This counter was for mixing personalized scents.
Delicate and lovely soaps.
Cute <3
Each floor specialized in nice things that any person would appreciate in their home.  Especially me!  Haha.  There was a table of loose-leaf teas in glass teapots.

On the lowest floor was a fancy "grocery store", complete with perfectly ripe fruits hand-selected I am sure.  After coming back to earth, we said good-bye to the gorgeous store.  I will certainly return!
We walked to the tube and took the train back home.  It's nice to see new things in London, and aside from the cold, had a great time :)

Until next time London...

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  1. Holy crap! How can that place be real? I think my head would explode if I was there. The coffee with an ice cream cone is UNREAL! The photos of parliament look so awesome - nice red beret too! I wonder where you got it? ;) I've never considered going back to London - but I might just to visit that crazy sweets store! x