Panic In the Streets of London

I've been a bit dormant(online), due to spending quality time with Greg.  He took eight days off from work(!), so we hung out at home and then travelled to Wales for my first-ever-visit(more on that later).  So that explains that...

Back on New Years Day(ages ago I know), we took a train to London to get one last taste of Christmas.  I was looking forward to seeing the legendary Christmas displays of the big department stores :)
We checked into the Beauchamp hotel near Russell Square and were instantly upgraded to a bigger room! Here is our view of the street above.  This reminds me of my first trip to London about 3.5 years ago. Except this time there was no sign of a mysterious wet spot on our carpet!  Haha.
After freshening up, we jumped on the tube to this place...Harrods!  This has never been on my list of things to do in London, but seeing as we were enjoying the lavish Christmas shops, we stopped here first.
This is just a tiny slice of their food hall.  It was a feast for the eyes.  Unbeknownst to us, it was also extremely busy due to the New Year's Day Sale.  We grabbed on for dear life as we were moved from one room to another.  I browsed through the designer clothing floors and also viewed their Art Gallery.  Real works of art from Picasso and Dali were available for purchase!  I'll have to return to Harrods to truly appreciate the lavish interiors.
Upon leaving Harrods, I found none other than French Patisserie, Ladurée!  I took a peek inside and admired the floor-to-ceiling shelves of desserts <3
Our first meal in London was spent in a quirky French-style cafe called Paul.
We shared a baguette and drank hot lattes.  I will definitely return(as is evident from my grinning face)!
We jumped on the tube again and stopped at Piccadilly Circus.
Our plan was to have dessert at Fortnum and Mason's.
Crossing the street we saw a rare vintage double-decker.  I wish they were still all like this :)
When we reached Fortnum & Mason's we were treated to a gorgeous Christmas window display!!
The theme was the Folies Bergère!  Josephine Baker and Maurice Chevalier performed in the actual venue way back when.
The costumes were stunning and the scenes were incredibly realistic.
Aren't these feathers gorgeous?
You can almost here the silly chatter between these girls (in your imagination of course).
After realizing the store closed early, we moved on in search of dessert (don't worry, we came back the next day to visit the store in all its glory and have tea).  So we walked around the streets....
We found many unusual stores in a small alley, such as this Russian/Polish store <3
We ended the night sharing a 3-tiered slice of cake before walking back into the night towards our hotel :)


  1. Wow, the pictures are all so nice! I especially love that "France" photo :) I ate at Chez Paul in an airport of all places, but it was good! Did you get anything from Laduree? One day I'll have some for myself. That cake looks insane and super delicious yummmm. Also those window displays are so nice x

  2. Chez Paul, haha. I never noticed them before, but after going to the one by Harrods, I noticed Chez Paul at the train station we always go to. Hehe. I love cheap and cute cafes.

    London was busy both days we were there, so no Laduree for me. I don't think there was seating. We were hungry at that point. I made sure to get a pic though! Hehe.

    From across the street I couldn't tell the window displays were so weird and nice. Even though the store closed early, we were happy to see the displays :)

    There is still so much I wanted to see in London, but there was just no time. More reason to go back right. Hehe! :)