50's Diners, Victorian Places, and a Castle in Cardiff

I'd always heard of Cardiff, but mistakenly assumed it was in England.  After reading gig ads in British music magazines for years, I assumed all the cool bands were playing in Cardiff, England.  Not Cardiff, Wales, as is correct.  Geography is clearly not my strong suit.  Haha.

Upon arriving in Cardiff we walked through their mall.  The amenities and stores were even better than malls in L.A.!  I visited several of my favorite UK stores, seeing Alexa Chung videos streaming in one.  I was in hipster heaven ;)
In the mall we found this American-style diner.  I was keen on trying the UK version.  Do me proud UK!
Greg's hot dog.  It was pretty close to the real thing.
As we ate, we listened to dreamy 50's tunes.  Admittedly, I felt cool for being the only American there ;)
Outside in the city center we came across an American sweet shop <3 which sold everything from Lucky Charm cereal to Fluff.  I've never actually had Fluff, but its an old-fashioned marshmallow topping.  Greg received this from Val(my sis) once as a present/joke :)
We moved on and saw a sign for Cardiff Central Market.  I grabbed Greg's arm and dragged him inside immediately.  I looove old markets.  The fish stall is the first thing you see.  They've been here since 1866.
The market is Victorian and opened in 1891(for all you history buffs).
On the second floor we found a record shop.  I was in search of a Wings CD I haven't heard in many years, but didn't find it.  I still loved flipping through records and CD's, one of my favorite pastimes.
Delicious fresh bread.
Then we walked past Victorian and Edwardian arcades near high street.
Ridiculous architecture <3
Cardiff Castle! And remnants of Christmas.
The gorgeous clock tower.  I will definitely come back to tour the castle inside someday.
The British and Welsh flag, side by side.  The flags remind me of the obsession my sister and I had with British culture when we were young.  My sister especially had a fascination with Wales, since a favorite guitar player of hers was a native :)
After the castle we went to the National Museum of Cardiff.  It is free so I recommend you visit.  .
The cafe.
Greg ordered his favorite, Millionaire's Shortbread.  He was kind enough to share.  It was soo good.
I ordered the Welsh cake, since I have to try new things everywhere I go.  It tasted similar to an American pancake, but smaller and with currants.  Quite tasty.
We explored the museum's collection, but I couldn't take pictures of the masterpieces(as usual).  We sat here to rest our feet.
Next was the Natural History section of the museum.  I love looking at animals up close, even if they are stuffed.  The bird exhibit reminded me of the film Psycho.
Cardiff25After being mesmerized by the gems and minerals, we headed back to the mall.  We had parked there.
We decided to get some frozen yogurt(a.k.a. froyo) to send us on our journey in style.  They piled on the chocolate as you can see.  We didn't mind!

That was just a taste of Cardiff.  It was a good mix of history, shopping, architecture, and art.  The capital of Wales did not disappoint.  :)

Thank you, Wales!


  1. I totally know what you're talking about - I'm not sure if I knew exactly where Cardiff was. How terrible of me! But it looks super pretty and that narrow street reminds me of Nice, France! The diner looks awesome and I'm glad there is a massive pile of "fluff" somewhere in the world! It also looks like I would have loved that Natural History Museum, stuffed birds and gems <3

  2. Glad I wasn't the only one who didn't know exactly where it was. Haha. I hope I visit Nice one day, since your pics were amazing. You should've seen the "fluff" pyramid sitting in another store window! I don't even see fluff in L.A.! I love free museums and the gems were exquisite. We should visit the L.A. museum one day. Last time we went was for the Paul Banks DJ set I think :-o

  3. Haha, lovely to see some nice words about my homeland! I wouldn't blame you for not knowing where cardiff was, Wales doesn't seem to be that well known outside of the UK! I think the landscape is what makes it special though. There's some beautiful scenery here. :)
    Jess x

  4. Having someone look at my Wales post is one thing, but having an actual Welsh person look at them is a another. The pressure! Haha. Glad, you enjoyed it. My only knowledge of Wales has come from music(Super Furry Animals, Stereophonics, Tom Jones! Haha). It was great to see another piece of the UK puzzle and demystify my idea of the country. I will definitely explore more of Wales in the future :)

    Vanessa x

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