Baby it's cold outside...

A little over two weeks ago, I was in the heart of England.  I was there half of December and almost all of January visiting my boyfriend.  It was glorious. The entire time I was there, not one snowflake caressed my face.  Every year it snows that time of year like clockwork.  However, when I was there....absolutely nothing.  To be honest I was glad. I am from Los Angeles.  I hardly know what snow is about and it scares me.  Bitter cold scares me.  Snow is cute in photos, but not in real life(I am dramatic I know, haha)

Greg sent me these pictures a few days ago(he lives in England):
This is his car.  Oh dear.
Now, this is what it was like when I was there.  Night and day.

I can't believe I dodged this bullet.

Now, I must sleep because soon I will be among beaches and picnics.  What a cruel world.

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