They Say It's Your Birthday

Last week, my sister turned 24.  Weren't we just 21 and 15 yesterday?  I feel so old just thinking about it.Valgift
We met at Val's apartment for vegan goodies and pressies.  Val excitedly opens her gift from me.
Say hello, kittens.  Meooow.  I found this book in a lovely bookstore in Wales.  I am thinking of getting this book too.  God, I love it.  The photographs were taken in the 40's.
We played one of our favorite childhood games, the Game of Life.  We all started College first and later "married" the same sex in honor of Proposition 8 being repealed(anti-gay marriage law).
We had chocolate cake and ice-cream.  All vegan and good.

Over the weekend we had more birthday fun.  More you say?  Yes, more :)  Pics to come.

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  1. It was a fun day, especially playing Life. I'm glad all the vegan food was edible and that it tasted good too haha! Thanks again for the awesome book and presents :)