Doll Houses and the City of Samba

Photographs of Iceland by kris atomic.

As you've surely seen, tilt-shift photography is an amazing visual trick that implies tiny miniature scenes. Buildings appear as small as doll houses and people look like little ants.  At times it's downright cute.  The opening scenes of my childhood favorite show, Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, come to mind.  Ha!

Last year, illustrator/photographer/blogger, kris atomic did a fine example of tilt-shift.  Her pictures of Iceland were insane and her occasional use of tilt-shift was magical.  To me Iceland has always been an otherworldly place and I was so happy she took the viewer(me) there.  What other country could have created unique musicians/creatures like Björk and Sigur Rós? <3 More stunning pictures from her trip to Iceland can be found here.

Now, what got me thinking about tilt-shift recently was this amazing video.  As intrigued as I have been by tilt-shift, for the most part I'm kind of over it.  However, the other day I came across a video of the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, that was created by two filmmakers.  It is awe-inspiring, crazy, and really well done. The festival itself is like a combination of Halloween and New Year's Eve.  They really know how to throw a party!  Now I might have to try this effect with my photographs!


  1. Wow I laughed pretty damn hard at that video. That's so cool! Would be amazing to make a video like that :)

    I loved Kris Atomic's Iceland photos! I guess it helps to have a super expensive camera! ;)

  2. Icelandic artists are the best! I love Sigur Rós and Seabear especially.

    1. Ohhh I've never heard of Seabear, but I have a feeling they are good too since you like Sigur Rós. Will have a listen! :)