Vintage Shopping and French Films

On Sunday, Val and I headed to Burbank for some vintage shopping.  The weather was glorious. We went to our favorite store first.

Valerie tried on a sweet Spring bonnet.
She was quite fond of the small purses with ornate beading.
I was fascinated by the 60's beauty salon.  The instruction book says it best, "Your beauty routine-in-the-round! A complete set of accessories for marvelous complexion care and convenient personal grooming. These Lady Norelco massage accessories have so many beauty bonuses!" There is something slightly devilish sounding about this!   
And in case you have trouble closing your eyes in the shower(it's hard I know), you can buy your very own shampoo goggles!  I love random inventions.  Haha.
This is what I wore.  Is this my first outfit pic?  It may be. Haha.  I'm terrible at posing.
These are my new vintage 60's heels.  I love them.  Val said I looked like I was ready to go dancing.  Haha. Dancing may be difficult at the moment, because they need breaking in. Why must we suffer for fashion?!
Suddenly I felt as though I had stepped into a French film, starring me!  Across the street was my favorite 60's car!  Actually, I almost got run over by one in Paris.  Woo!  When I bought my first car 5 years ago, I bought it because it reminded me of this beauty <3  It is extremely rare to see one in Los Angeles.
After dying a little inside, we walked to a few more vintage shops.  All that walking made us hungry. After some discussion we settled on having lunch in an old Mexican restaurant nearby. When we were young, my parents brought us here for our "fancy" family dinner.  Hehe.  It's nice that it is still open and hasn't changed at all :)
I drank one of my favorite childhood drinks, Jarritos soda, in Tamarind.  Very tasty.
Val and I shared the ceviche tostadas, which were topped with lime-marinated fish :)  Mexican food doesn't always have to be slathered with cheese!  We also had shrimp cocktails.  They are not to be confused with English or American shrimp cocktails(Blegh).  A Mexican shrimp cocktail is a tomato-based soup with cooked shrimp, fresh onion, cilantro, avocado and cucumber.  A squeeze of lime brings out all the flavors.  It's usually served in a fancy cocktail glass and it is heavenly :)  I may be bias ;)
MexicanFood4After our lunch we tapped into our girly sides and went shopping for fancy make-up. Something I rarely do($50 for foundation? Eek).  However, I was equipped with two generous gift cards, so I didn't have to spend a dime :)  My poor sister waited patiently(thank you!!) for one of the make-up artists to figure out which shade of foundation I was.  It was trickier than I expected.  She might as well have chosen Ghost!  Haha.  Val bought a cute glittery nail polish that I want to steal.  Or borrow :)  Then we went home.  Good day.


  1. Vintage shopping was fun! Too bad we didn't find some gems. They are out there somewhere. I wanted to buy all the purses but I am cheap! The ceviche was delicious too! Gotta love seafood. Great day indeed! x

  2. that looks absolutely wonderful. <3

  3. Thank you, Vicky! :) Its especially nice to have a good day out where you grew up. As a kid we went to Burbank alot and I can see why! Now that I'm older its a nice mix of comfort, nostalgia, and beauty <3

  4. those shower accessories are hilarious! looks like a great day x

  5. aah i'm jealous, that second hand store looks so nice !!

    1. I haven't been back since, but I think it's time to head back! :) xx