Give Up the Ghost


Last week, Val, Donald and I drove to Santa Barbara for a special event.  We saw misty mountains and the sea on the way.

Few artists elicit dancing like a maniac, weeping, losing your s***, and grinning from ear to ear, than Oxford quintet Radiohead.  My blog is named after one of their songs!  In 2008 we even built a 2-week European trip around them, to see them perform in Paris.  After wandering the pastry-like Palace of Versailles, we dashed back to Paris to watch them play that night.  That trip will always remain one of the most inspirational and life-affirming moments of my life.  Now that I have set the scene(lol), this is what happened last Thursday.


Val had read about a cafe/cupcakery that specialized in red velvet cupcakes(Mmm) and organic food.  Inside it looked like a cozy house.


We reconnected with our childhood and ordered the Mexican hot chocolate.  It beats regular hot chocolate by about 1000.


I had the "Adult Grilled Cheese", which meant they added fancy cheeses and smeared the inside with garlic aioli.  Whatever it was called, it was delicious! :)


Aerial view from a tiny helicopter.


Having a laugh at being photographed.


After a delicious lunch, we walked down State Street.  Although rain was looming overhead, we enjoyed the beautiful tree-lined streets.


We popped into a book store.

Then we scoured the city for the funniest accessory ever--a poncho!!  No umbrellas were allowed at the outdoor concert so we had to put fashion aside for practicalities.


The smell of plastic was overwhelming(haha), but I was like a kid with a new toy.  Val captured the moment. Then I saw Valerie and Donald with their ponchos.  I haven't laughed that much in years.  I will save them from embarrassment and not post those pictures!  Haha.


Then we saw this guy, who closed the night singing Paranoid Android while it "rained down" over us(surreal).




These images are from 2 days after our concert, when they played Coachella festival (it streamed on Youtube :).  The stage looked exactly the same, dazzling with lights.  

I danced in the rain and couldn't have asked for anything better.


  1. your food pics are always FAB. <3

    1. Gosh, thanks! :) My boyfriend's parents slightly mock me for taking food pictures all the time, but I explained I love looking back at these photos with delight! I love your pics of food too! You eat yummy things :) xx

  2. That was such a funny and awesome day. Can't believe we got to see radiohead for the 8th/9th time. It was a blast wearing those ponchos and I'm glad I spent the day with you :)

    1. Yes, we are lucky girls to be able to see them that many times! I'd see them even more times if I had the funds and time. Hehe. Poncho-dancing will go down in the books, that's for sure. It was so fun. Glad we were all there together :) xx