Gloucester Cathedral, Magic, and Harry Potter

Between old brick buildings and colorful bunting is this charming walkway, located in Gloucester, England.  To give you a sense of history, Gloucester was founded in AD 97 by the Romans. Wow!  I am impressed by old things btw. Strangely, I haven't shown these photos from my trip to England from earlier this year.  Maybe it was because there were so many??  Hehe.  

In January we visited Wales and on the way home decided to stay the night in Gloucester(just for a change of scenery).  In the morning we headed for the cathedral.  Along the way we made note of many nice cafes.  I think Greg likes the look of this one.  I do too :)

We find the cathedral and some pigeons in flight.
As soon as we entered I was mesmerized by the variety of period styles. The beginnings of the cathedral date back to 678 AD.  The arch that led into St. Andrews Chapel was absolutely stunning.  
The wall paintings inside the chapel were painted by Victorian artist Thomas Gambier Parry.
For a free museum, I was quickly adding the cathedral to the top of my favorites.  Everything was beautiful.
Robert Duke of Normandy.
The Coathanger arches.  Seriously breathtaking.
Then we took a guided tour into the crypt.  The guide was a nice woman who volunteered.  Through her tales she transported us back to a time when the monks lived and prayed here.  It was cold!  Here you will also find Romanesque architecture and evidence of past corrections to the supporting arches (notice the layers above the brick arches).  Oooo.
King Edward II.  According to an informational sign, this tomb would have been a most spectacular sight in the Middle Ages, with color and gilding.
An American flag in England?
A random but interesting connection to America.
Through these doors were the cloisters.
Not just any cloisters.  It was featured in two Harry Potter films as part of Hogwarts.  Haha!  So technically, I visited Hogwarts.  Hahaa.
Now let's admire the fan-vaulting.  It's believed to have been invented here in the 1350s.  
In the center of the cloisters is a peaceful garden and fountain.
And that ends our tour.  I didn't want to leave :(  However, my tummy needed feeding.  We ended up having lunch in Lily's Restaurant(pictured at top).

Hope I was a good tour guide ;)  In England, this is the most beautiful cathedral I have seen.  Actually, it's one of the most stunning cathedrals I've ever seen, period.  I wasn't expecting to find such beauty, considering Gloucester was very ordinary.  If you are ever in the Cotswolds, which is a lovely place to see, Gloucester Cathedral is only a 35-minute drive away.  I recommend visiting as part of a day trip.  I might have to do the same one day! :)


  1. Wow, thanks for the tour! I've been to a few cathedrals but have never really shared my pics for fear of boring people. You managed to make it feel like a proper tour guide and interesting! That harry potter hallway looks awesome! I would probably love a place like that x

  2. Haha. Glad you enjoyed my tour :) The cloisters were amazing.

    You should show your pics! I definitely want to see all the "boring" bits people might not appreciate. You can always present it in a "dreamy" way or however you like(Photoshop!). You don't have to be so "historical" either. Sometimes I don't appreciate things unless I know the history behind it. That's just me though. Haha. For example, in the crypt the guide made it so interesting, I wouldn't have appreciated it as much otherwise :)

    Anyway, looking forward to your trip pics! The landscape is so interesting, it's going to blow my mind. I have a feeling you might change my "no cruise" rule. Haha. It's no ordinary cruise of course! :D

    1. They look amazing! Sadly my favorite cathedral was in prague and those pics are stuck on my old laptop. Lame! But I just might take a few trips down memory lane in the future ;) And I totally understand about wanting to know more history. I'm pretty sure I research things until I've sucked out all the info lol.

      I look forward to taking the pics and just being there. Still a long way off and lots of work to do inbetween (school, blegh). I still hope we do like a family cruise one day. south america or the italian coast. It would be awesome!