The World is Full of Crashing Bores

As a young L.A. girl graduating from my duller than dull high school, I was dying for something else.  This resulted in watching many films, discovering music, and absorbing magazines(all foreign for some reason). These were the pre-tumblr, iPodblog, and Google days, so everything felt so revelatory and vital.  In some ways I felt like I was discovering a secret world (and it was).

One of my earliest inspirations was the British magazine, N.M.E.  I'd read the whole thing from cover to cover, from small insignificant detail to big.  Since those early days, my interests have hardly changed.   Surprisingly last year, I found myself being face-to-face with a "vintage" N.M.E. magazine for less than a dollar in an old dusty record shop.  No doubt I can probably buy one on eBay, but finding one unexpectedly is a real thrill that money cannot buy.  On the cover was Morrissey, which led me to look over my shoulder for possible snipers. Luckily, there were none to be found.  Haha.  It's been in my closet since then, but this week we look inside...


Influencing such shoegazers as My Bloody Valentine and B.R.M.C., these blokes are part of a long-line of English music heroes.  I'm pretty sure the hipsters love them too.


Oh....the come hither stare, the pin-up poster possibilities, Morrissey, you tease.


I agree.  Well, I don't quite, but I do find such unconventional honesty appealing.  Just another reason to appreciate such a unique and brilliant individual.


More than a year after the Smiths broke up(sadly), Morrissey answered a few questions in the pages of this N.M.E., in 1989.


You cannot hate a man with a cat on his shoulder <3  Funnily enough, the first time I heard the Smiths(aside from How Soon Is Now), I didn't get it.  Luckily my boyfriend is also a fan :)  Now I love them and Mozzer's solo stuff.  Once, I went to "Smiths Night" at a dance club and saw Ryan Gosling dancing to their music 5 feet from me.  We were practically dancing together.  Lol.  Surreal to say the least.  Or meant to be?? ;)


Unbelievably, a few years ago Morrissey lived in Hollywood right off of Sunset Boulevard.  Of course crazy fans stalked his house(90% Mexican I imagine).  A friend of mine once told me about the time his friend saw Morrissey outside of his Hollywood house.  Morrissey actually invited him in!  I wish!  But then again, I would be too mortified to be outside his house in the first place.  Haha.  Anyway, good story nonetheless :)


Further into the magazine, I found this.  I have no idea who these ladies are, but I found their look captivating.  Wow, just looked them up and they have an amazing video(you're welcome).


In the back of the N.M.E. are dates for upcoming concerts.  Stone Roses at the Hacienda in Manchester?! Good god I wish.  Drug-free of course.


And best for last, a Personal Ad from 1989, found in the back pages.  I hope "Male, 28" found what he was looking for.  He sounds like a nice guy.


  1. naaw, the personal ad! and i love your table cloth (?) <3

    1. Some of those personal ads were hilarious. Another one was from "gay British male" who was seeking "American girl" for friendship.

      The cloth is actually my bed! Haha. I love it. I got it for x-mas from my sis :) xx

  2. Oh I remember the days when print still mattered! This was only in early 2000 too! Haha. Everyone always calls it the "enemy" but once upon a time you relied on magazines to teach you things, and introduce you to new music. While I don't like Morrissey, I can appreciate that "my people" do. That link was also hilarious. I think Mexicans love him because he does song about identity crisis. Preach.

    1. You could really get alot out of print when it used to matter. And it was a lot more interesting before the internet got to where it is. There was more individualism and authenticity and not as many cookie-cutter people. But there you go, just a rant from someone who didn't need to emulate someone else :-o Lol.

      It is so funny how many Mexicans ADORE Morrissey. People outside of Mexico and America probably don't realize this is true. Having been to his concerts, I can tell you it is very true! The comment about identity crisis is really "spot-on". Plus, if you think about it, Mexicans looove to weep to Vicente Fernandez songs. There is something to be said about Mexicans appreciating emotional/passionate people. Lol. I think this just turned into Chicano Studies. Hahaha.

  3. ha personal ads always make me giggle x

  4. Ohhhh NME was my 'go-to-read' when i was a wee teen! Uhhhh Morrisey! What a babe <3 He grew up pretty much slap bang next to where I did so I've always had a special place in my heart for him!

    Awwwww poor Male 28 :( i hope he found a female companion to dance along to Prince with. I am so very tempted to write to him and check >_< xxxx

    1. NME love! Gosh, I'd love to visit Manchester. I drove on the M62 once on the way to Liverpool and I died a little inside. I'm totally going this year though. Of course being from Cali and liking Stone Roses and many other amazing bands, Manchester will always be fascinating to me :)

      Let's hope Male 28 found that special someone. Fingers crossed!