After years of waiting, nothing came

I thought I'd write a little something on here about my absence lately.  There are a few reasons why I've been M.I.A.  I am in my last(!) semester of college before I get my degree.  Spending time on my blog right now doesn't seem like the best thing to do at the moment.  Also, I am slowly getting ready for a big change.  I am moving to a land called England.  I don't think I've mentioned it here, but I am moving this August to live with Greg.  You know that nice guy I've been dating for 3.5 years!  For all these reasons I'm taking a break from my little blog.  So for all the 3 people out there reading this, I'll be back soon!

Now, here are a few fun things I did recently:

My sister and I went to a vintage expo in Santa Monica, where I met Dita Von Teese as she shopped casually among the racks of vintage clothing.  It was a funny experience to say the least!  Her skin is amazing btw. Also, I visited Downtown L.A. and discovered a rooftop garden at the Walt Disney Hall.  I never knew it was there, until my sister mentioned it!  This past weekend I celebrated my birthday(yay for me!) with my friends and family in a dim bar/restaurant in West Hollywood.  We shared pizza and everyone's favorite stories of me(haha).  Afterwards, a few of us went to a bar, steps from my apartment.  Surprisingly I never go there, despite the excellent jukebox and non-hipster vibe.  Nostalgia was in the air, as songs from the Beastie Boys, Donna Summer, and the Bee Gees played <3  We put money in the jukebox and ages later we heard our picks:  Pulp, Rolling Stones, and last but not least, the Caifanes' Negra Tomasa.  I totally laughed when the last song came on.  Spanish 80's hits in a bar is as random and awesome as it gets :)

Anyway, here are a few photos from last Friday's excursion to Downtown when Val and I visited an art museum and the stunning Walt Disney Hall.


Check out the carpeted floor(also an art installation!).