After years of waiting, nothing came

I thought I'd write a little something on here about my absence lately.  There are a few reasons why I've been M.I.A.  I am in my last(!) semester of college before I get my degree.  Spending time on my blog right now doesn't seem like the best thing to do at the moment.  Also, I am slowly getting ready for a big change.  I am moving to a land called England.  I don't think I've mentioned it here, but I am moving this August to live with Greg.  You know that nice guy I've been dating for 3.5 years!  For all these reasons I'm taking a break from my little blog.  So for all the 3 people out there reading this, I'll be back soon!

Now, here are a few fun things I did recently:

My sister and I went to a vintage expo in Santa Monica, where I met Dita Von Teese as she shopped casually among the racks of vintage clothing.  It was a funny experience to say the least!  Her skin is amazing btw. Also, I visited Downtown L.A. and discovered a rooftop garden at the Walt Disney Hall.  I never knew it was there, until my sister mentioned it!  This past weekend I celebrated my birthday(yay for me!) with my friends and family in a dim bar/restaurant in West Hollywood.  We shared pizza and everyone's favorite stories of me(haha).  Afterwards, a few of us went to a bar, steps from my apartment.  Surprisingly I never go there, despite the excellent jukebox and non-hipster vibe.  Nostalgia was in the air, as songs from the Beastie Boys, Donna Summer, and the Bee Gees played <3  We put money in the jukebox and ages later we heard our picks:  Pulp, Rolling Stones, and last but not least, the Caifanes' Negra Tomasa.  I totally laughed when the last song came on.  Spanish 80's hits in a bar is as random and awesome as it gets :)

Anyway, here are a few photos from last Friday's excursion to Downtown when Val and I visited an art museum and the stunning Walt Disney Hall.


Check out the carpeted floor(also an art installation!).


So many choices...I'll take two!  I shared with Val of course.


We ate outside, since the weather was amazing.


Caprese sammich.  Fresh mozzarella is one of the best things ever.


Dreaded self-shot and new haircut.



Catch ya on the flipside xx


  1. super cute collar! love the 60s.

    1. Thanks! Classics are always in fashion :)

  2. Hi,
    Exciting times ahead!

    And Dita! How cool is that!

    3,5 yrs later this end as well and we are getting married :-) so it is indeed time for leaps this year.

    Keep all three of us readers updated ;-)


    1. I never ever approach "celebrities", as I think they deserve to be left alone. I even passed on meeting Catherine Deneuve once ;.( My sis urged me to do it and in the end I asked for a pic. Soooo embarrassing.

      Congrats on your 3.5 years and upcoming wedding! Your dress is lovely :) This year a few people I know are getting engaged. It's that age I guess! Haha.

      So flattering and nice you want to follow my little blog. I'll keep you posted :) xx

  3. Such awesome photos and definitely fun times. Many more ahead too with summer parties and slumber parties HAHA. Thanks a bunch for going downtown with me and spending the day on the rooftop with lemonade! I finished my paper in 4 hours on last Sunday thanks to you taking me there :) Congrats on almost getting your degree! Woo x

    1. Hey, I'm glad I could help a sista out ;) Haha. Luckily we enjoy doing similar things! I'm lucky to have someone(especially a sister!) who appreciates the same things :) Glad you finished your paper. That stuff is stressful.

      Looking forward to summer parties and slumber parties. Mud masks here we come. Lol. I wish we had that board game, "the Baby Sitters Club". Totally reminds me of going to my friends house in 6th grade. Haha. I know you are probably like "whaaaaa?". Hehe.

      Thanks for the school support. We'll all achieve our goals! :)


  4. Ok in right order:
    -woaw what an adventure it's gonna be to move to England ! Good luck !
    -lovely lovely new hair cut ! very french i must say :)
    -i didn't know anything about the Walt Disney Hall, and i thought for a while that you visited the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao ! (same architect) and got a litle confused..
    - i read your "about me" section, and was surprise to find many common points with my life ! (multi cultural family, moving abroad, graphic design studies, 3 years relationship, 29 years old, humble about yourself in reaction to histers, loving to have your own space, people thinking your origins are completely differnt (i'm French and people always assume i'm from eastern europe) etc...

    good luck with you degree !!
    have a good weekend,

    1. Hi Alice! I love how you "broke it down" for me. Haha. Thanks for your comments! I can totally see why you did a double-take when you saw the Walt Disney Hall. I have done the same when I've seen other Frank Gehry curved-metal buildings. I've never looked into why Gehry duplicated his designs, but it is weird to see similar buildings!

      I just turned 30 last week(whooooooa), so I better update my About Me. Hehe! Nice to meet another person of my "mature" standing. Haha. I'm certainly not old, but lots of blogs I read are run by younger gals.

      It's cool we have common points in our lives! How was it moving abroad? It's so exciting, but also scary.

      The whole hipster thing is interesting. Before the internet and blogs, I discovered all my interests on my own in an organic way. Now everyone copies each other and then talk about their interests with pride. Personally, I don't need to prove how interesting or cool I am. You know? In the end it's all about being yourself. Anyway, I could go on a rant forever. Lol.

      So nice to hear from you and good luck with your latest shop creations! :)


  5. Ah I'm pleased to have found your blog (via your sister). Exciting times ahead of you, where in England are you moving to?

    1. Hi there. Thanks for stopping by :) I am moving near Daventry, which is in Northamptonshire. Nothing but sheep and fields! Quite the departure from L.A. life. Haha.

  6. Lovely blog.

  7. it was. and i will! : ) beautiful pics (omg the cupcakes) and lovely haircut too! xx