Modern Life is Rubbish

Six weeks.  That's how long I have been in the UK.  It was quite an experience moving out of my apartment, selling things, and getting here.  My sis helped me and our last weeks together were really great.  We played mini-golf, shopped, ate nice things, and had a going away party.  This is our first time apart, but we are adapting.  I still miss my family and friends, but the bonds will never be broken.

Life in the UK is relaxed and there is lots of time to think about the future.  I feel like I am starting from scratch and I am taking it as an opportunity to do new things.  Slowly but surely I say.  Haha.  I am happy for many things.  I get to see Greg when he gets home from work and make dinner and take walks in the countryside. Then in a few months, we'll move to a house and really settle in.  For now, I enjoy my free time and the sunshine while it lasts.  We are in England afterall.

On a sunny day a few weeks ago, Greg and I went for a walk.  This is where I live. Quite the departure from Los Angeles, but a welcome one.

Aside from a few grand houses, most of my neighbors are these nice folk.

Nearby there is a lake with fish.

We saw this sweet ride parked next to the old manor house/hotel down the lane.  Perfect for weekend drives through the English countryside I think.

Sometimes I can't believe I get to live here.

  We fed the sheep.  I laughed my ass off.

Then we sat and relaxed.  Then a spider waved hello and I ran away.

It was a beautiful day.


  1. what, i totally didn't know. how cool! what are you doing over there?

    1. Hello! I moved in with my English boyfriend. We've been apart forever and it was a good time to make the move! :)

      Thanks for asking :) xx

  2. Love the last image! You make England look beautiful. Hope you enjoy your time here.

    1. Thank you :) It's pretty easy to capture your country's beauty to be honest! Heh! :)

      Thanks for the welcome xx

  3. This is such a lovely post. I've always wanted to live on the English countryside. It looks so idyllic!

  4. Those outdoor photos are super nice! I guess that's the upside of living in the country - no buildings to clutter your view! If only they had a target though (haha I'm kidding- kinda)! I can never get enough of sheep, they always make me swoon x

  5. So dream is to move out of LA and go to either London or NYC. Amazing that you are living my dream!