Friday, October 12, 2012

Castin' My Spell

I'm still adapting to my new life, as anyone in my situation would be.  I've been in a weird mood lately as I figure out what to do with my time.  You'd think free time is the best thing ever, but sometimes it can be too free. Next thing you know you've fallen through the internet rabbit hole, watched too many episodes of "Location, Location, Location", and its suddenly evening.  Haha.  Anyway, don't cry for me.  These things take time, as Morrissey once said.

The weather has definitely shifted into Fall(or Autumn as the Brits say) and I have said goodbye to open shoes and bare legs.  On the "warm" days when I have dared to bare my legs, I am reminded a few hours later how quickly the weather can change in England.  Fall is generally the time us girls like to dress up anyway, so I'm taking it in stride.  Talk to me in a few months when I'm freezing to death and I'm sure my tune will change!  

Well, a few days ago I received a package in the mail.  It was bigger than I expected and I was excited to rip it open.  Recently my sis Val opened an Etsy shop where she sells lovely things she designs and curates.  At the moment she has lots of cute(my fav word according to Val. Ha!) Halloween things for sale that are right up my alley in terms of design :)  I bought a Halloween bunting, but got a few extra goodies in my package(Thanks sis!) :)

These are a few things she sent(store items and other fun things).  I devoured the Sour Patch Kids(sweets) she sent, so those are not pictured.  Haha.  On a side note, I've come to learn England's version of these sweets are totally different than the ones in America(beet juice?!).  Thankfully Val surprised me with the real thing.  Christmas presents anyone?

In England, Halloween seems to be down the list in terms of holidays, so I was excited to get so many Halloween treats. These bags are so cute.  And who doesn't love stripey paper straws? :)

The bunting I purchased, came carefully wrapped.


I experimented hanging it on a sloping wall.

Then I tried another...

For now it will stay here.

Val also sent me one of her latest shop creations, a "Bonjour" card.  Inside there were candy stickers that looked so realistic, I almost ate them.

And this is my new frame!  I had seen it in an antique shop in a small village, but couldn't decide if I should buy it, since we are moving soon.  So I left the store empty-handed :(  The next day Greg and I came home from a day out and I noticed something was different.  I looked up and the cat frame was hanging on the wall!  I was so confused.  Apparently, Greg had bought it during his lunch break one day and brought it home.  The hilarious part is that I totally missed it, eventhough I walked past it earlier that morning.  Umm, yeah.  


Something to get you ready for Halloween.  Get your dancing shoes on!


  1. Replies
    1. I agree! She added even more nice things to her shop. Check it out! xx

  2. I'm so glad everything arrived in one piece! :) What a great post, it has lots of nice pictures and some little anecdotes that are made me chuckle. I would have put even more inside the package, but my bubble envelopes aren't that big. Wahh. Perhaps for Christmas, I'll send some more stuff. I can't wait to get your Halloween package too, and would love to post about it too! ;) Thanks for the support! xx

    P.S. That cat frame is ammaaazing. Of course I can never get enough of cats, and in painting form it's even more unreal. Can't wait to see where it ends up in your new place!

    1. Haha. I'm glad my rambling made you laugh. I still can't believe how much you managed to stuff in that package! It seemed bottomless. Thanks again, it made my day :)

      And that cat frame is pretty ridiculous. I love that Greg was OK with buying it, knowing that it would hang in our house! Cat love has no boundaries :)

  3. BTW I just noticed that bicycle frame that I also have in my room of the two of us! AWESOME :)

    1. Ha! I made sure to include it. I thought it fit the mood :) xx