Jack the Ripper

This Halloween was my first year celebrating it away from my home town of Los Angeles. Despite knowing there was hardly any fanfare made for the holiday in England, I threw us a little party. The guests were just me and Greg, but I carried on decorating and planning like it was nobody's business.  I admit, at first I was bummed I couldn't have a big shindig, but I'm always up for having fun! :)  Especially in the face of adversity! Haha. Plus, I had to keep the spirit alive in honor of all the fun times I've had over the years back home :)

I set the mood with a carefully selected Halloween playlist.  Music is essential to any great party.

We had a few dishes of candy to satisfy our sweet tooth.  What is Halloween without tons of candy anyway?

I hung the bunting I purchased from my sister's Etsy shop and some dancing cats I cut out.

Val mailed me temporary tattoos and Greg knew exactly where he wanted his.  I laughed at his decision and even more so when he went to work with them on!

We had plenty to eat.

I didn't dress up, but I think my stripey top was somehow related to Beetlejuice.  Maybe a stretch, but that's the best I got :P

Fiendish Fancies (a.k.a. French Fancies).  I love themed sweets!

Greg channelled Hamlet.

I  mixed in straws from Val's store with my own :)

I applied my tattoo to my hand and pondered what to eat next.

After stuffing our faces, we baked a chocolate cake for Greg's dad for his birthday.  We let the music play on until we'd partied ourselves out.

Here is something we played during our party.  This version is live, but it's pretty amusing.  Enjoy.

Happy Halloween!!


  1. This looks like such a fun party--even if only for two! The decorations and photos are so festive. And hahah Greg's tattoo placement is hilarious! Lovely post x

    1. Aww, thanks Emily :) We had a great time and I forgot to mention that Greg thanked me about 20x for throwing us a little party :) I would've thanked me too. Lol. Thanks for your lovely comment x

  2. absolutely lovely! want to be there!

  3. Awesome photos!:) The party looks/feels similar to the kind we threw back at home. The spirit was kept alive :) Donald and I also had a mini party but I keep forgetting to send you pics! We didn't go all out with the desserts like you did, but there was some Halloween music (theme music from Psycho ahh!) It's hard to believe that you'll be here in a few weeks for the next Holiday. It should be awesome :) Time for new craft projects!

    Also - I recognize your plates. Glad they made it over the pond safe! x

  4. You place looks so cute! Love the tattoos haha ;) Hope you had a great time :D xx


  5. aww your halloween seems awesome! great photos!

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